Somfy Home Alarm

Somfy Home Alarm

Protect your property & loved ones with Somfy Home Alarm, the only simple & proactive home security system that can prevent break-in's before they happen.
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Somfy Home Alarm includes:
- 3 IntelliTAG™ sensors
- 1 110dB Siren and audible signals
- 3 hands-free Key fobs for automatic user recognition and disarming
- 1 Indoor motion detector
- 1 Link for wireless connectivity.

IntelliTAG™ door and window sensors differentiate between normal events, such as a bouncing ball, and potential threats, such as a crowbar, and trigger the alarm BEFORE intruders get inside.

Know when your kids are home thanks to their Key Fob identification and notifications on your Smartphone

Manage from the Somfy Protect app and schedule your alarm to arm and disarm automatically.

Share notifications and access within a trusted circle of family and friends

Smart activation helps you better secure your home. Somfy will remind you to arm the alarm when leaving and disarm it when you come home.

Works with Nest and available on IFTTT

Fast and easy installation

Sets up is easy:
- Download Somfy Protect App on your Smartphone (iOS or Android)
- Plug in Link and pair it
- Pair and place the Siren
- Pair and place IntelliTAG on window or door

Works on your home WiFi network.
WiFi password memorized when installed from your iOS device.

Power supply

Wall plug and universal adapters included


During a power outage, Somfy Home Alarm’s battery backup provides autonomous operating time up to 6 hours, ensuring complete operational functionality including programmed settings.


Radio communication between elements ensures system maintenance. Tamper protection in case of radio interference.



Ø 3.2" x h 1.2"
Somfy Link controls up to 1 siren, 4 cameras, 50 IntelliTAGs, and 50 badges.
Internal battery with 6 hrs of life
Power Supply
100-240Vac, 50/60Hz, 0.15A
Polycarbonate V0, off-white
Wireless connexion
  • Siren : range of 656 ft outdoors
  • IntelliTAG : range of 656 ft outdoors
  • Badge : range of 164 ft outdoors
Somfy Radio, Bluetooth, WiFi

Constant monitoring of RF link to Siren and IntelliTAG™

Tamper protection

Apple MFI certified

FCC certified

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Beautiful and reliable

I love it. Customer support is amazing too. It looks great, its reliable, and works like a charm. The keyfob is a brilliant idea !

Review by Vicky