Free emergency
backup connection
In case of a power or Internet outage, your system automatically connects to another Somfy Home Alarm system in the neighborhood, establishing a wireless, anonymous and secure connection.
Secure each other and build a trusted community with your neighbors
SomfyAround™ is totally free and needs no installation.
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Easy to manage from
your app
  • Get notified when something’s wrong

    Receive all the important notifications such as break-in attempts, SOS alerts, lost of connection or product vandalism.

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  • Check availability

    And see if SomfyAround™ is reachable around you.

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  • Choose if you want to be a part of the community

    With a simple tap on your Somfy Protect app.

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  • Emergency backup connection

    Your system automatically connects to your neighbor's and get WiFi back
  • Free

    No additional fee,
    no subscription
  • Available through the app

    Check in your Somfy Protect app if SomfyAround™ is available near you
  • Secure and anonymous connection

    The connection between your neighbor and you is entirely secure
  • No installation required

    SomfyAround™ is automatically active if you are eligible
  • Activate or deactivate as you choose

    You can deactivate SomfyAround™ with just a tap in your Somfy Protect app

The more secure and easiest way
to protect your home and family

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